Analog and computerized lie detectors

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Basically, the lie detector tests can be done by analog and computerized test. In this article describes about the equipment used for conducting the lie detecting test. Both the detecting test enables to examine the report by the examiner after and while performing the tests. Both the tests performed have their own advantage. A specially designed software is used to analyze the victim’s response with real time graphs. The latest techniques are adopted in the performance of the polygraph tests. For organizing the polygraph test many agencies are available to conduct these tests and the examiner of the report has the complete response of the analysis.

The components of polygraph instrument

The polygraph instruments include the instruments namely cardio-sphygmograph, second instrument pneumograph and finally the Galvano graph. The purpose of the cardio-sphygmograph is to measure the blood pressure and heart beat are measured by this component of polygraph. A cuff is placed to wrap around the hand to the blood pressure instrument. While interrogating the cuff remains boosted, when the equipment started its working it produces sound and one can able to hear. Some times the sound may double or amplified. The frequency wave gives information about sound of the heartbeat and the magnitude wave gives the information about the blood pressure of the concerned victim. Read More